Lessons learned

Soft skills

Soft skills are one of those subjective things, which I used to think were somewhat less important than they actually are. Positivity comes naturally with happiness; work ethic for me is a walkover, I'm doing what I'm passionate about. What more could soft skills entail?

Communication. Very often, my head knows exactly what it's thinking; I forget that no one knows what my head is thinking - we all do. I learned the value of clear, concise communication. "Might, maybe, I'm not sure" have been replaced by "Yes, No" for me. I realised quickly that if I wasn't clear about it, I would either be misunderstood, or an instruction would be carried out incorrectly.

Teamwork. I love teamwork, I think it's critical, especially within large projects. I actively admired the teamwork within the BBD VSP team, although it wasn't anything new to me, the degree shared amongst members was significant. I will always remember this.

When I was at school I used to roll my eyes every time someone mentioned the words "rule, uniform, conduct". How foolish I was;

Structure, procedures and policies. I get excited when I see documents and specs now. I get excited because the liability, and part of the responsibility lies within agreements. Apart from high school, I've always had an appreciation for structure - and it's definitely grown in the past year! I learned the importance of asserting procedures and policies.

Loyalty and honesty. These have been treasures that I have closely guarded for a long time. Personally, I list it as a lesson learned because the good feeling you get is long lasting, it is always growing. This year was significant in that I put my own ambitions aside, and assisted where it was considered meaningful.

You get paid for expertise, not for being agreeable. Imagine telling the doctor that a clearly infected lesion is more than likely a wart and that it doesn't really need the type of treatment that he is suggesting. This was a challenging one for me, I naturally like to make people happy - we all do. But I'm also confident in what I do, and determined to deliver something great. What I learned here, is clear communication; not to please, but to ensure the best possible result.