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3fifteen now one with Britehouse Digital

Since joining 3fifteen, we have taken an exciting step forward and have merged with Britehouse. 

The Britehouse Group is lighting the way to the future for all large and mid-sized businesses across Africa. For many years, Britehouse has focused on offering its clients application and data solutions through a range of business models and technologies.
Now, though, Britehouse has proven it doesn't just keep up with what's on trend. It is effectively already in the future, with a strategic refresh of its organisational structure, improved offering, and updated brand presence. Where the structure previously included companies known as Automate, Firestring, Eliance, Compubrand and 3Fifteen, it has been streamlined and elegantly branded as one, unified Britehouse Group.
Businesses can continue to enjoy the same services, with an enhanced fluency in accessing consultancy, solutions, products, and services that will empower them to increase profitability in a digital world.  -   The Britehouse Website